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We deliver professional multimedia data acquisition and management services for machine learning applications.

Multimedia data ready for ML

We deliver multimedia data collection services for machine learning solutions with quality and consistency. 

Quality in - quality out

We work with you to develop collection methods that provide high quality multimedia and we can also clean old data for present and future uses. 


Consistent data direct to your inbox

We deliver multimedia data collection services for machine learning solutions with quality and consistency.

Collect your own multimedia data

We supply the hardware, remote training and support required for training bespoke computer vision models


About FoSho VISION

The rise in demand for multimedia collection for ML and the challenges in streamlining this delivery has created a bottle neck in the development of effective machine learning solutions across various industries and communities.

We are content experts who specialise in solving the challenges related to multimedia data for machine learning purposes. This form of data requires specialist modes of production which we have specially developed for machine learning applications.

Our journey began with a focus on Agri-tech, partnering with SAAS companies and growers to develop effective solutions for mass capture and processing of valuable video data.

Machine Learning will soon touch every industry imaginable and in order to leverage this power there is a growing demand for effective solutions that professionally capture, curate, label and provide seamless access of this data for research, development and implementation of machine learning.

How we help.


Professional Data Acquisition

We systematically collect Multimedia Data in a format that is useful for future or present ML activities and improve existing data and models.



DIY Data Collection

We can supply the hardware, remote training and support for your onsite team to develop ML activities for data collection and labeling.


Data Pre-processing

We provide professional services for multimedia data cleaning, reduction, transformation, labelling and cloud storage ready for present or future uses.

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